I’m here to help. Whatever brings you, we will find a pathway, a solution. 

The simplest way to resolve a problem is to reconnect with Spirit and with your high self, and work as a team.

I can help facilitate this.

Sometimes it’s a journey of awakening, and sometimes its a quick and easy plug- in. One is no better than the other, as they are both magical in their own way.  

Either one can bump you into the real reason you were nudged this way--to be reconnected to Spirit and locked in to your True and High Self, so you can live your life in a meaningful, harmonious, fulfilling and magical way. Yes, that back pain, hormone imbalance, heart condition, or mysterious health condition is a lamp post on the road of awakening… it says,” this way, this way, look here!”

I know, its a real trudge in the mud, but it’s true. The body guides us to our own happiness. This is what I have learned in 16 years of working with people, and in 44 years of life experience.  

We will find and use the modalities that work for you--Acupuncture, Herbs, Energy Work such as Qi Gong, Reiki, Shamanic Healing to resolve the issue at hand. It will be fun, wonderful, and inspiring. No really! 

My practice is informed by formal education, beloved teachers, life experience, and Spirit.

About Nathalie

I am an acupuncturist, herbalist, and Shamanic practitioner. I have been in private practice for 16 years and am also the co-founder of Artemis Therapeutics LLC Natural Medicine and Wisdom Ways.

I have a very strong connection with my patients, family, community, and the Spirit World. I love to support people in their transformative awakenings  through health, problem-solving, hardship, transition, joy, magic, creativity, and life journey. Always working with Spirit and in Love and Light, I am delighted by the infinite mystery of the ways of the Universe. I utilize traditional and contemporary wisdom ways to resolve problems, cultivate vibrant health, strengthen spiritual connection, and to teach how to live meaningful fulfilling high vibration lives.  Our work together will be grounded, powerful, practical, compassionate, transformative, and will help open pathways and possibilities we didn’t know exist!

Education and Beloved Teachers

University of California Berkeley  B.A. Cultural Anthropology


Meiji College of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Berkeley, CA (University of Japan) Master Science

Anna Dorian of Vibrant Reiki San Francisco, CA Reiki Master and 16 month Shamanic Training

Angeles Arrien and Patrick O'Neill Four Directions programs ongoing