Know Your Purpose. Find Your Gift.

Know Your Purpose. Find Your Gift.

Know Your Purpose. Find Your Gift. Know Your Purpose. Find Your Gift. Know Your Purpose. Find Your Gift.

I help Healers unlock their full potential.

What You'll Get

Become a master of your art


Get confidence in your Craft


Have better results and outcome with your clients


How we will work together


Schedule a call (after questionnaire) to find what your needs are, best practices, past obstacles, accountability, if we are a good fit, and how we can best work together.


Complete some agreements and preparatory work based on our conversation to start opening into the work before our beginning session.


Schedule first session

How I helped healears before

"Nathalie starts from exactaly where I am, each week. Without judgment, and with encouragement and gentle support, the session unfolds into a co-creation. I leave always feeling lighter, better, and very supported."

What is this all about?

Feel its time to learn more.  Expand skill set.  Up-level in your work.  You have mastered your work, ready for the next level. Ready to more deeply activate your power and get more of the skills you've mastered. Refine your mastery.  All mastery is at an energy level, and is only truly alive and worthwhile if it's plugged into Spirit.   It's a matter of understanding this, and learning how to continue deepening, expanding, activating your mastery--in work, parenting, sport, relationships, music, creativity, enjoying life-- energetically how to plug into life force to handle and make the most of all of life's challenges and offerings. 

Energy work is simply where we are in our human evolution.  Everything is energy, and the more we study and practice with how it works, the less drained we will be, more efficient, more harmonious with what is naturally happening.  Energy work is ultimate in efficiency, and for this reason, it can help with our physical energy, our personal and collective economy, and our planetary resources and health.  Just like with technology, a cascade of movement can happen with a push of a button (once the blueprint and coding have been prepared), a cascade of effects can happen as a result of consciousness, words, meditation, focus, and efficient action (once our consciousness has been coded and prepared).  The blueprint for positive outcome can be held in our consciousness.  By study, practice, training, expanding the qi (your personal power through personal growth and positive action in the world), we increase our ability to affect outcome with our consciousness and intention.  Kung Fu demonstrates this when the practitioner has developed enough qi and focus to break a wooden block with one hit, we can develop  focus for other types of outcome--such as harmony in a family or household.--even when only one individual comes for help.  We do not need to know the exact solution, we only need to hold what is the highest good and a positive outcome in sacred space and consciousness, we need to create an energetic blueprint of possibility. Of course we do this with some detachment and trust of a higher intelligent and compassionate force,  our practice and our care extends through our work and to our fellow humans and spirits.