"Nathalie's acupuncture treatments, herbal preparations and her insightful advice in nutrition and supplementation, provided a solid foundation in my search for natural non-harmful ways of assisting my body in realizing it's healing potential."

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"My hearing would not be better without Nathalie's acupuncture and herbal treatment and all her support. "

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Relief and Results From Acupuncture

After treatment one may feel relaxed, tired, slightly dizzy, hungry, floating, or something else. One may want to take some quiet time or a short walk. Sleep may be more restful that evening.

Musculoskeletal conditions such as low back, neck or shoulder pain may gradually alleviate over the rest of the day and the following day. Occasionally but rarely pain increases after treatment or that evening but should overall reduce the following day. Some patients notice immediate relief after treatment.

Other conditions vary in their time frame to resolve. Colds and flues may be circumvented if treated at the initial stage or pushed through more quickly with symptom relief if caught in the middle. Hormonal balancing, blood pressure, stress disorders, and other internal conditions vary depending on severity and response to treatment. Relief should be experienced at some level after each treatment and as the body moves toward balance, symptoms will become less frequent and less severe. If immediate relief is not experienced after treatment, one can notice efficacy by checking other changes in basic body function such as improved energy, sleep, mood, flexibility, mental alertness, or digestion. Improvement in any of these functions indicates that the body is moving toward harmony and strength and the addressed health concern is being affected.