Mariana's Testimony

In my search for healing I met Nathalie Babazadeh L.Ac, with whom I have successfully been doing acupuncture treatment with for the last four months. When I began treatment with Nathalie I was almost deaf in my right ear. After four months of receiving acupuncture treatment twice a week, taking Chinese herbs, and changing my diet, my hearing has recuperated almost 100%.

On July 2005 I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease, an auto-immune disease that attacks the cochlea, the center of the ear causing hearing loss and ringing in the ears. My hearing was deteriorating drastically and the ringing and pressure in my ears was getting louder and louder. I was also suffering from constant headaches, and had an excess of mucus. I sought the opinion of several doctors, all of them recommended that I take strong dosages of cortisone, which are known to have strong side effects. The cortisone would not cure me but could stop my hearing loss temporarily.

In my first visit at Nathalie's office, I told her my story, expressed how I did not want to take the cortisone but I was concerned about loosing my hearing. Nathalie's knowledge and her openness to my opinion inspired my trust. We agreed that I would wait a few weeks and if my hearing started getting worse, I would reconsider taking the cortisone. After a few weeks of acupuncture treatment and herbs combined with a change in my diet. I quit the consumption of dairy and flour and my symptoms started going away. At the end of April 2006, at the surprise of the ENT doctor the audiometric exam showed that my hearing in the right ear had recuperated almost completely. My hearing would not be better without Nathalie's acupuncture and herbal treatment and all her support.