Nathalie Babazadeh, L.Ac. is a holistic health care practitioner.

Her goals in treatment with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are:

1) Optimal physical, mental, and emotional health

2) Education and self awareness for harmonious lifestyle and self care

3) Spiritual centeredness and growth

Nathalie's belief is that starting treatment is a step towards health and harmony in your life. You will naturally make better decisions for yourself and become more unified in your environment. Nathalie uses Chinese Medicine, herbs, acupuncture and education to support and encourage the natural healing power of your body. She is personable, compassionate, light-hearted and has a strong foundation in her practice.

As a mother, Nathalie focuses on family practice. She has experience working with a wide variety of conditions including hormone imbalance, hypertension, high cholesterol, muscle tension, low energy, injury, back pain, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, insomnia, menopause, allergies, infertility, thyroid imbalance, eczema, anemia, compromised immune function, and stress disorders. Much of her practice is for general health maintenance, stress reduction, disease prevention and graceful aging. Nathalie enjoys working with children.